Thursday, February 28, 2013

Much like Political Movements....

It's a Thursday and I have no commitments to attend to this morning.
This morning, via my email, I observed the full circle, which I expected, of information handed from my writings here  through handlers that passed it via phone until it reached it's intended target. Transparent as they are and as intelligent as they think they are, they are so easy to manipulate. Bait is dangled, the "fish' grabs it and the trail is easy to follow. The game is on and the fisherman waits for the the final 'fish' who will surely respond. The trail through the pond is very obvious.

I smother a giggle, my little experiment successful; game over. Everyone reacted as expected and that's the part of the game that inspired it to begin with. I'm not a big fan of psychology until I instigate an experiment and judge the outcome as predictable. Maybe psychology does have it's place in predicting human behavior.

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