Sunday, September 5, 2010

On His Way

I watch as the red tail light, blurred by the sheer curtain hanging at the window, moves out of sight. It's dark outside; it's only 0600hrs. and he is on his way.

12 hours from here and the husband can call it a day for driving. He is headed to the Texas panhandle and will be gone for  six days. Six days? We all know that is a loose estimate don't we? That last job in Farmington was to be a week long and that stretched into 21 days. I would have gone with him except he is scheduled to stay "on location" the whole time. Hopefully the San Antonio job following this one will allow me to drive to San Antonio and hang out for a few days and sight see. 
If Carrie returns by the time that San Antonio job comes up, I'll take her with me and we can go to Sea World. The last time we were there with her, Sea World was closed for the season.
The family reunion kicks off this afternoon. I'm not attending but the daughter and Carrie will be there and report back on their day. The ex husband and his wife will be attending. How many ex husbands bring their wife's to the ex wife's family reunion? My family never lets anyone leave forever. My ex sister in law remains a friend of the family and we talk often via the telephone. She promises to visit here and she knows she is welcome. We are like fly paper. Once stuck to us, you are stuck forever.
It's early..much too early for me to not try to get a couple more hours of sleep. I'm snugglin down on the sofa, a light blanket over me to keep the chill away. Did I actually say "chill"?  Well, it is a bit chilly. Isn't that the most wonderful news? I think it's just fabulous.

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  1. We have a lot of ex's floating around in our family and they all seem to get on pretty well. It's best when there are children involved I think, to show that people can remain civilised and avoid animosity.

    Chill??? Oh lucky you! It's around 95 F here at the moment..bit cooler at night time now which is a blessing.


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