Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Worthless Little Update

It's Friday and I hear there are a lot of folks that are excited about this. I remember when just the thought of an upcoming Friday was enough to cause the heart to palpitate a little faster. A rush to secure plans for entertaining myself and a need to escape from the weekly ritual called work and like the rest of the work world Friday was the magic word of release.Everyday is Friday in my world and has been for the past 3 years.  
I have no big plans but I will get in my car and see where it leads me. I like not having my time scheduled now. I did that when I had a job. I had to follow a strict schedule of arrival, breaks, lunch time and break and depart time. Some times the lunch breaks and 15 min breaks weren't guaranteed. It was that kind of job and the immediate future in that 8hrs was minute by minute ever changing time.
I'm showered on this Saturday morning and I'm getting dressed and out of here to wander around town for a while.
I'll be back, hopefully, with something interesting to post about other then this peaceful Saturday. Maybe I'll slip into a cool dark theatre this afternoon. I have all day to play!


  1. I think, like you, we have worked so hard all our lives, that this time now of not working is so appreciated. I love being able to have the choice to do nothing at all!

  2. Ayak: EXACTLY...I'm so spoiled now! I enjoy doing nothing.


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