Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Carrie is Bacccccccccck!

Carrie is home! My home,  and right now she is sprawled across my bed, her feet nudging my hip.
I met her paternal grandmother today at our "exchange" place where we usually give Carrie up. She had spent the weekend with her dad and it was time for her to return home.
We were both super excited to see each other. I had been in New Mexico for almost 3 weeks and almost as soon as I returned home, she left for two weeks in W.Va. She leapt out of the car and raced across the parking lot to me. Hugging and laughing with each other, we secured her in her booster seat in the rear of my car and to Lafayette we drove.

I've missed this child with her sweet ways and her generosity with her hugs and kisses. She stayed here for a few hours and when her brother arrived she decided she would just have him take her home. She hadn't seen her brother for two weeks and she wanted to be with him.
A few hours passed and she was on the phone requesting I collect her so she could spend the night and of course that is just what I did.
We settled in the big king size bed, a tray with a bowl of steamed noodles and a glass of chocolate milk was served. I had to go through the whole process of serving her, a game we've played for months. As I walked down the hall to the bedroom, I bellow out "Special Delivery for Carrie B..........!! When I get to the bedside she is sitting there with her  hand raised in the air so I can pick her out among the crowd.
 (she is the only person in the's a play along with me..will ya?)
I ask to see her identification and as usual, she reaches into her pocket and then hands me her I.D. It's invisible as all those other people in the room but I scrutinize it, compare it to her face, which she tilts to the side and delivers a big smile. After confirming she is Carrie B..........., I deliver her food.

While she was enjoying her dinner, I placed a laptop with "Horton Hears A Who" in front of her and while she watched that movie, I tuned in the Saints' game.

I tried to talk Carrie into watching the game; I explained the guys in the gold and red and the ones in the gold and black; she wasn't buying it. I had her watching for the guy that caught the ball. She couldn't make a decision on who was the team she should be supporting. A movie for her was a better choice and I gave up on her enjoying the game. We all have our preferences and her's wasn't football at 4yrs old.

Maybe, by the time she reaches an age where she can enjoy a professional football game, The Saints will be ready to have another winning season and be Super Bowl bound as they did last season. We can always dream huh?

Later today, Carrie and I will print signs that we will attach to all the furniture and even the walls. I'm determined to teach her to read so we will tag everything in this house with it's name, ie. SOFA, CHAIR, RUG, WALL....
I will print these out..or do them in large black marker..and tape each one to the place it goes and leave them for her to view. In a week, I'll take some of them down..mix them up and have her tape them back to their correct places.

My house might look strange for a while with a note on the chair reading "CHAIR" and one on the wall reading, of course, "WALL". If I have visitors, I'll just tell them senility has arrived and I had to tag everything so I would be triggered into remembering what it was as I didn't want to find myself sitting on top of the television someday.

I'm outta here. A shower and an hour and I will be out and about with her. Saints did win last night against the '49'ers. (exhaling)


  1. Lovely! I know just how you feel. I miss Billy so much. I haven't seen him since May and it's tearing me apart!

    Good idea for labelling the furniture..great way to learn

  2. Ayak: thank technology for those WEB CAMS! lol..
    though touching and holding them is lost, you can enjoy viewing him.


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