Thursday, September 2, 2010

Destination WV

"A castle" she squealed. "Look Momma, a real castle".
The daughter and Carrie just passed through Lexington, Kentucky and Carrie was quite impressed to see the castle once owned by the Million Dollar Man, Lee Majors.  That's what we were told years ago when we asked who owned that castle. What that meant to me was, they were close to their destination and safe. They should be at friend's house by 1700 hrs. today. I'll breathe a sigh of relief when I get her phone call that says they are finished with this part of their trip.
I put on a huge pot of Gumbo and made sure I told Carrie I was cooking it. She immediately asked her mom if they could have Gumbo tonight to which mom said, "There will be no Gumbo until we return to Louisiana."
Good decision. I've tried the Cajun cooking up north and it was a "one time" deal never to be repeated.
I'm watching the clouds gather and the humidity soar. I'm not complaining as Hurricane Earl is not headed this way. It's difficult to rejoice when we know that someone else on the coast will be feeling the effects of that huge storm. It's not over yet, the hurricane season which could still deliver us a storm or two. 

I'm outta here to put together a potato salad to go with the Gumbo. Ya gotta have potato salad if you're eating Gumbo! 


  1. It must be awful living with the threats of hurricanes. Glad to hear that Earl is not heading your way.

  2. Ayak: thanks for the concern. I tried posting on your blog and was unable. Sometimes it allows me to and sometimes not. Here's hoping you feel better. I read about the UTI...ouch!


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