Sunday, September 12, 2010

Connections, ReConnections and Collections

I've never had so many friends in my life or maybe that's really not the correct observation. Maybe what I mean is, "friends in one place, collected and connected and all through signing in to an online social network called Facebook. Some are friends and some are acquaintances. I won't degrade my friends status by tagging all the acquaintances in the same pool as friends but all of them are welcomed.

People have appeared from long ago that have stirred memories that were dormant and waiting to be revived. It's always interesting to hear how they appeared at my door  requesting to be "friended".  

I just reconnected with an old friend from Wyoming from a time when I lived there  years ago. She had found me through a person that was from her town that was a friend of the daughter. We spent over six hours catching up and still had more talking to do but phone batteries only stay charged for a limited amount of hours. Isn't six hours enough? No. It seems that we were only talking for minutes instead of hours and the time flew by. It also felt as if we had continued our conversation from one started yesterday instead of one that ended 5 yrs. ago. I shake my head in amazement at the collections of  connections of people that have entered, left and reentered through the doors of Facebook.

Another friend that I've known since the third grade is now a regular visitor via the web; we can look at pictures from that time and through graduation from high school and as almost sisters, we are connected by the umbilical cord of time. 

Carrie and Poogie via web cam last night
Special people have returned. They have entered my life again and though some may not interact, it's reassuring to know they are there. The town I left years ago is now alive with faces and information. Children grown and with children of their own, their faces reflect the brows or the lips or hair of their parents who were classmates, friends and acquaintances  at one time in my life. I enjoy seeing those reflections. 

The drum majorette is now the mayor. I was amazed. I can still see her long blonde hair and in the blue and gold school colors worn in her short dress, her long legs ending in a pair of tall white boots with  tassels that bounced and swayed as she high stepped down the street leading the band or on the football fields before games and at the half time performances. Ya just gotta love that kind of mayor!

Family? Yes. They too are there. Family, friends and acquaintances, their faces appear in the Friends section waiting for status updates and collecting updates. What is your status right now? 


  1. I!ve always had mixed feelings about Facebook. I was talked into it by my daughter. I have managed to "meet" up with several friends who I hadn't had contact with for many many years and I'm really pleased about that.

    The thing I don't like about Facebook is that even though they've tightened up on privacy and security, it's still not perfect...or easy to operate. But I think it will improve over time

  2. I really don't do much POSTING...but I do post messages within. Privacy? Tell me about those issues....I guess I don't worry about them as I should maybe? If my email address is being harvested for spam I would never notice as I get enough from all the web sites I!

  3. You're lucky! I've been recent witness to a "friend's" complete breakdown/fit on FB. She's determined to divide people into teams, and it's completely ridiculous.


  4. Boy you just about said it all I resisted FB for a long time but I am glad I gave in because I have found old friends and a lot of family that I had lost connections with. And it is great to see how well so many have done.

  5. John: yep, it's been a positive experience for me too.


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