Monday, September 27, 2010

Last of September and 61 Degrees!

I'm sitting on the patio, the laptop connected via WiFi and it's 61 degrees, no humidity and a slight breeze blows occasionally. Did I die and go to heaven? Is it really gone? The heat?  Oh, wait.....if I was dead, would I really expect to awake in a cool place??? That thought is almost enough to scare me into a church. ALMOST.

This is the weather I wait for all summer long. A bare nip to the air, I feel as though I'm back in Colorado.

The knee. I woke this morning to a knee that felt much like it did yesterday. Painful and not to full extension, I definitely do not like this. I'm trying to ignore the pain while I stretch it and get back to full extension. I don't think letting it rest is the answer. I think walking and letting it dangle to stretch it and work those muscles is the way to go. I'm going to give that a try before I give up and make an appointment with the ortho doctor.

I'm fighting anger. This would be a perfect day to park my car beneath the big maple in the front lawn and give it a much needed bath. A great day to put a second coat of paint on the "Little House". A great day to replace the serpentine belt on the little Toyota.
I'll spend some time, instead, stretching this leg by taking short walks. It's not all bad. A nice day to walk and maybe I'll shower now and get dressed and do just that.
I'm gone for a while; I'll get back to this and hopefully with a better functioning knee.

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