Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's Not That Time Again?

I just saw another poll on our President's popularity. It's now at 40 per cent or there abouts. Plummeting from previous polls, is this related to unemployment and the stagnant economy?

I made it to the polls and voted during the Presidential election and at that time I wondered why anyone would be seeking that office. In a time when the whole country was folding in upon itself, there were candidates that were willing to get into the drivers seat on a bus that was headed for disaster.

The elections finished, the candidates in office and the struggle begins as they try to control the disasters that plague this administration, many of which were inherited from the previous one.

A miracle? Were the citizens of this country expecting a miracle? I watch as the talking heads thrash the current adminitration for what ails this country. Were they expecting a miracle? What took years to get this country in the current position of collapse was expected to be cured in a year or two with this administration? Is this just an excuse politically motivated to change leadership in this country in the next election?

Jobs? Unemployment? A cure?  All the outsourced jobs, a nice way of saying, we now IMPORT products once produced in the USA, won't be coming back. Those people that lost their jobs to outsourcing have no direction to another job in manufacturing. Who is to blame? How to fix it? I have no answer and apparently this administration and those trashing them don't have a fix for the mess we call the USA.

This is not a political post but an observation on a newscast that I heard today. I do think that everybody plays politics to their advantage, especially those politicians seeking reelection. As soon as one election is secured, they immediately begin working on the next one though it may be four years away.
I do dread the public announcements we are forced to endure during election time.
The alternative? A dictatorship? Not an option. Bring on those public annoucements!

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