Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I'm awake but not by choice. At first the melody caused me to stir and tickled my conscious and by the 5th time the chime sounded, I reached over to the night stand and fumbled in the dark for my cell phone. The smoothness of this laptop was the first thing my hand found and immediately denied because of it's size my quest. The empty can of iced tea tipped and fell over, rolled across the night stand and I heard it's tinny sound as it hit the floor in the dark.

Note to self: Self, remember the can on the floor when you get out of bed. Painful to step on said mentioned can.

Of course the last thing to contact was the cell, with by this time, the once lovely chime I had installed as a ring tone, was now a sound that caused me to winch, I slid the phone to unlock to stop the sound. A text.

"I had received a text message" I thought "and it's not even daylight yet." Thinking it was the daughter texting to say she was on the road headed back home, I waited for my eyes to adjust, squinted while gazing at the lit screen. A text message from the Grandson? Maybe he has missed the bus? I touched the screen with fingertip to get to the message.

"Can you get me a set of those headphones. The ones you bought for me with the rhino pic on them and in red and green?"

Really? Let me envision this. You roll out of bed at dark THIRTY and as you dress for school, you think the most important thing of the day is to text me with your wish list? It's dark outside and that means it's early and that means I'm probably asleep.

I text back "OK" and whether I mean that or not, agreeing would be the easiest thing at this time.
Another text from him "What are you doing up so early?"
ME:   "I'm NOT."
Him: "ooohhh....okkkkkkkk....
and setting that cell back on the night stand in this dark bedroom, I rolled over, punched an indentation in the pillow and tried to go back to sleep figuring that I wasn't really all the way awake anyway, which of course wasn't possible.
Daylight is seeping in around the curtain. I'm done. Turning on CNN, I slip out of bed and realize I have forgotten that "note to self". As my foot hit the metal can, that note resurfaced via memory cells which left me wishing I were just a little faster on using them. By this time I had skipped, hopped and staggered to get away from that can. You know when you step on something and that knowledge that you shouldn't have and then you over compensate and of course that wasn't wise so now you're doing the "dance of rescue" and hoping you save yourself from a fall.
I survived that dance and a cup of coffee later, snuggled back in bed with the news I wondered if this was a portent of the day to come. Maybe I should just stay here all day for safety's sake.
I'm done.


  1. tia ann-i think u missed ur calling should have been a writer!

  2. Anonymous: What a nice thing to say! Now....tell me which neice you would happen to be.


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