Monday, September 20, 2010

Panic Time

I switched on the laptop this afternoon and I was unable to sign onto the internet. "What's up with that?" I wondered. Before terror began to raise it's ugly head at the thought of 'not being connected', I started checking a few things.

I ran a diagnostic and then  I checked the yellow light in the front of the keyboard to make sure I hadn't accidentally switched to the off position the internet connection switch. Nothing.
A little discomfort; a bit of nervousness but I persisted in trying to get the laptop to connect.
My mind whirled with the possibilities of how my life would contract and fall in upon itself without the internet. I tried to stay calm and rational. Let's not let hysteria rule.
I rebooted it. I rechecked everything and I worried. What is the worst case scenario should I be without internet access to the world wide web for a few days? Would it weld a devastating blow? Would I recover from the alienation?
I was on my way to the bedroom laptop when I made a detour. I decided to check the router in the office; the heartbeat of my internet connection.
Red light glowing in the darkness from the router and I knew I had found the problem. It wasn't the laptop malfunctioning but the router that had done me in.
Pulling the router forward from it's spot hidden behind the monitor, I check all the plugs and after assuring myself it wasn't a plug that was disconnected, I hit the "on/off " switch and watched the blinking green lights and the one red light wink out. Quickly I flipped that same switch to the "on" position and watched as the green lights built up on the tower minus the red one. 
Moving to the monitor,I hovered my mouse over the Internet Explorer Icon and in two quick clicks, my world was restored to normal. I was online!
Thank you to all the powers that be, I'm saved. The internet world is mine.
How pitiful a life I must have, huh?


  1. No more pitiful than mine. I too experience that awful sense of panic when I can't connect!

  2. YAYYYYYYYYYYy....Buffalo..huh?'re right..I had my doubts at times but I'm a happy Saints fan this morning (wiping brow)

    lol Ayak: I've been on the net since 1992....would be unthinkable to NOT be connected to the outside world!


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