Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blogger in Reverse

Carrie and I made a trip to Breaux Bridge this afternoon. We were going to see 'Jeff The Computer Guy' and there we would drop off an Acer laptop that wasn't an 'ace' of a laptop. It crashed and burned after one year and the first repair done to it lasted only 6 months. The LED screen went out on it. This is not one of my laptops but belongs to my neighbor. I offered to have Jeff look at it for her.

After visiting briefly with Jeff, we headed for Peg's house where I visited with Peg and Carrie visited Paige's room to rummage through her toys. Paige was at school so Carrie had the room to herself.

After returning home, cookies were baked and then it was time for Carrie to watch Noggin.

I had time to sit and do nothing which was something I was anticipating with glee! What did I do? I surfed backwards through some of the old posts on my blog. It was like revisiting an old friend sorta. Some of the blog stories I barely remembered typing and thought maybe somebody else had sneaked onto my blog for a  bit of chicanery. Did I really use that word? It's such an old suthern' word isn't it?
Onward.  Reading back randomly was entertaining and informative. If I hadn't written daily about my life, the events recorded would never have been remembered as they were or not remembered at all.

I started blogging almost three years ago. I don't claim any aspirations for literary greatness. It's a journal of personal travel and experiences and memories and I'm happy that I started doing it. It's mine..all mine. You may share it with me if you like or maybe I should say, I will share it with you and hopefully you will find a little enjoyment by that sharing.


  1. Your reasons for blogging were just the same as mine. A personal journal. I used to keep one in old exercise books when I first moved to Turkey but lost them all. This kind of took over. Amazing how it takes off and the friends we make along the way isn't it?

  2. Ayak: Exactly! My journal has been a wonderful memoory helper for me! and friends? a BONUS!
    I'm happy that you are counted among them!


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