Monday, September 6, 2010

Guest Room One

Two mattresses, the upper one a slab of 12 inches of foam encased in a quilted fabric, a mattress made locally and per order graced the guest bedroom. The grandson loved it; the daughter complained that it was too hot.
Carrie and I use that room when she stays overnight and of course, Carrie's young bones had no complaints about the bed; she enjoyed the "princess" look of it because she had to be boosted up to get into that tall, three tier haven of rest.
When Elise moved into her townhouse she was sharing with friends, she needed a bed so I offered her the foam mattress. A few nights later Carrie came to sleep over and we crawled into the bed minus the foam mattress. The mattress remaining on that bed was about 6 inches thin and an unpadded collection of springs and metal edges that was manufactured shortly after the beginning of the industrial revolution. It's surface was firm. More then firm. I could have slept on the floor and been just as comfortable as using that mattress. In the morning, which couldn't come fast enough, I left that horizontal slab of torture and vowed to not do that again. I checked for "spring marks" on my body; it was a bad night.

Yesterday, shortly after the husband started his drive to Texas, I started driving to the daughter's house. Grandson wanted a Burger King breakfast and I wanted the yard mowed at his house and I wanted a new mattress. I dangled a Burger King breakfast on a mental stick and gently let it sway in Ted's brain and had him fire up the lawn mower. While he mowed, I used the weed eater and we both worked on the lawn. Picking up debris, tree limbs and trash, we loaded up the garbage containers and neatened up the yard. Though we didn't get finished, we had to shut down and race to Burger King for his breakfast which we did.
We returned back to our job and now that BK breakfast had been rewarded, I noticed Ted had slowed to a halt on his part of the yard work. We took a moment to chew his butt clarify our goals in  beautifying and beating back the jungle to discourage snakes from moving in any closer, which was the main reason for keeping it tidy, we finished and were on to part deux of Sundays' goals. I believe in goals. Ted doesn't. He is completely plan less. I had him sprinkle ant killer over the killer ant piles. I hate fire ants.

The second part of our morning was taking care of the mattress problem. I'm not a big shopper. I knew I needed/wanted a new mattress and one made in this decade so off to Sam's we went. It took about 15 minutes to find the mattress, pay for it and load it into the truck. Ted is a healthy, tall, size 13 shoe wearin, hunk of strength. I forget some times how strong that much youth can contain. We didn't need any help loading that mattress, nor unloading it and he  redeemed himself from the yard debacle by taking care of the changing of the mattresses.

Yes, a productive Sunday here and if you know of anyone needing a mattress, circa "Flintstones" era, ring me up. I can accommodate.


  1. Ooh nothing worse than an old uncomfortable mattress!

  2. Buffalo: you don't! do you? have a flintSTONE mattress? Ibuprofen..lots of it will help the stiff muscles and aching bones.

    Ayak: I would rather sleep on an air mattress then an unpadded monstrostity!


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