Wednesday, September 29, 2010

To The Park

I crept out of bed this morning. Easy does it. There was no bounding up and to my feet but then it's been years since I felt like "bounding" to do anything.

Slowly I stood up beside the bed and the muscles in my leg didn't scream indicating that today was definitely going better then yesterday already. Walking down the hall to start a pot of coffee brewing, the leg felt great. No pain, no limp and I'm good. 
As soon as my coffee caffined me awake, I headed for the Little House to collect what I needed to clean my car. Beneath the huge maple tree in front, I parked the car, doused it with water from the hose and lathered up the scrub brush. 

My next chore was the grocery store and on the way back, I swung by Carrie's house and picked her up. We sang "Half Breed" on the short ride to the house. That girl loves her some Cher.

With bread crumbs and crackers in hand, we headed for Veterans Park where she fed the ducks that clustered around her. She squealed when a brazen duck would get too close and try to take the bread crumbs from her hand. We collected some feathers from the ground and she put them in her empty Ziploc baggie. Swinging, sliding and playing Hide and Seek, she should be tired and sleep well tonight.
 The weather is perfect. No humidity and manageable heat, it felt great to be outdoors.

Soon I will take her home and the house will be quiet once again. No giggles, no requests and though she will be missed, it will be great to have some down time. By tomorrow morning I will be ready to call her and ask if she wants to come and spend some hours with me. I just need a break of 8 hrs. and then I'll be ready to face all her energy  again.

The husband is waiting on orders to return to the job in Texas. As soon as that rig hits the second pay zone, he will be called back. I haven't decided yet if I will go with him or follow him or just not go at all. I'm leaning toward not going at all. Right now all I want to do is get a shower and go to bed. 

I'm done.


  1. Sometimes you really just need some "me" time don't you?

  2. Ayak: YES! that child energy drains ya!

  3. What does you hubby do that takes him all over?

  4. Joan: he is a consultant..does downhole coring and consults for N.O.V.

  5. Joan...that would be National Oilwell Varco..the name of the company that calls him and offers him the jobs he goes out on. He has the option to turn any job down, but seldom does.


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