Friday, September 10, 2010

The lawn screamed shaggy. The crab grass looked crabby, sprouting tendrils that were tipped with feather like white seeds. I'm clueless if those are really seeds that hang off those tendrils but I know it's not baby crabs. The grass has faded to a soft moss green color with patches of brown that crunch under foot. Have I mentioned we haven't had a good rain for a while? I thought about checking the little black magnet that is stuck to my refridgerator door to see if Friday was the day I was allowed to water but instead I grabbed the water hose and directed it to the day lilies that were in droop mode and assaulted them with a mighty spray of wet refreshment. I'm not a gardener. I forget to water the flowers until I notice they are sprawled flat with their tongues swollen and discolored. 

A change of direction and now I'm interested in mowing. A little tidying up of the grass and weeds will surely be an improvement. It's mid day when I decide to do this and though I'm on a riding lawn mower, it only moves at a speed that I would call "slow". If I could get it up to 50mph, I'm sure a breeze could be accomplished and mowing would be a more pleasant task.

I should have known that watering would lead to mowing and of course I couldn't call it done with all the grass clipping on the driveway and the carport and patio so off I go to get the electric blower because I can't get the gas one to start...ever!

I found the blower and then couldn't find an extension cord. I'm dripping sweat and I'm hot. I hate being both.
Why would someone hang extension cords on wire hangers on the wooden privacy fence?  It was not one of the places I searched when I found I needed one but as I moved back and forth around the yard, the orange colored extenstion cord caught my attention. I should have been done with these little chores and would have been if I could have found what I needed.

The grass got mowed and the hard surfaces around the house cleared of clippings; neat and tidy once again here and I'll have the whole weekend to do what I please.  Don't mention this to anyone, but since the husband has been out of town, I have been doing just that; exactly what I wanted!
Talking to Carrie!


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