Wednesday, September 22, 2010

And It Begins Again

The past 7 years have zoomed by. It was then that this household went from having  a paycheck that was paid to an "employee of a large company" to a "consultant based worker" that charged a day rate for services rendered. During this seven years, money was made but spent reluctantly. This household was not in need of much so most of the pay was saved, a security deposit for retirement time.
During this change  the need to purchase health insurance and hire an accountant was the biggest expense.
 Income now depended on actual days on a job but with the increased day rate, less days were needed. All expenses paid for motels and food and vehicle expenses just sweetened this deal. Most months were plentiful in days worked. The company was busy.
 This new approach was for a company just emerging into the oil industry, an offshoot of men who had started their own company and needed experienced people to propel their company into a successful money maker. It was a Canadian company and they needed someone from the States with a reputation for his services and the phone rang at this house.

This little fresh company grew and grew. One day it was sold for millions of dollars, making the three owners wealthy and guaranteeing their Independence for life. 
Our household continued to charge the daily rates to the new owners and then again when it sold for 180 million, nothing changed in this household.

Recently another offshoot has sprouted from this current company. Rumors raced around the field. Another company to compete with the behemoth that the smaller company from years past had became. 
Rumors. The behemoth company is worried and made a phone call to this house to speak with their consultant; to get some assurance that he would still be with them. That he wasn't planning on jumping ship and moving to this new company. An offer was not extended yet but a plea was made.
"Before you even consider leaving, please contact us and I'm sure we can match anything offered by anybody else. We want to keep you happy."

Today the phone rang and the call was from this new company with an invitation to join them. They can't commit to taking clients until they have the staff to cover those jobs. Of course they are also aware of the contacts held by this consultant and what he would bring to their company. The answer?

"Make me an offer", to which they replied, "we will get back to you."

This time out, I want some input into our future. When this company sells in a few years for millions, a cut of the profit seems only fair. That new young company that sold 5 years after it was established for millions was due in large part to this consultant and the revenue he had generated for them because of the reputation he held within the field and with the clients.
There will be a "we" in the next phase of decision making. An increase in pay is not important or necessary to make a change. It will have to be laced with a little more honey to attract the consultant bee this time.

Let the  buzzing begin. 


  1. Powdergirl: we knew when others started jumping ship that it would be just a matter to time before an offer would be forthcoming. The time is near. This could get interesting!


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