Monday, September 13, 2010


Just the other day an old friend and I were messin around in my external hard drive that holds pictures that were shot with a digital camera and some that I had scanned from old albums. I have a shelf in the wall unit that is crammed full of albums that need to be scanned to digital and stored. Print pictures don't last forever and having them coverted to digital not only preserves them but storing them on that external hard drive makes it easier to pack them when traveling or should a quick exit be necessary in the event of a natural disaster, hurricanes being our big boogie man here.

After each trip where I shoot a number of photos and download off the camera to my computer, I quicky transfer them to the external hard drive. Should this laptop crash, I'll have the relief of knowing I won't lose my them. 

Oh..where was I? I had to scroll back to the title to find what inspired this post.

Found. I found old pictures that I had scanned. In some of them I'm 8 yrs. old and 9 and 19 or 20, then onward or maybe I should say "downward"? I've tried to put them on a blog page but getting them arranged in chronlogical order is not manageable right now. I'm working on it. I remember the dress that I wore in those pictures when I was a child. The pink organdy one with the appliques around the collar,

 the mismatched pattern the blouse and jumper in the other
 and I wondered if anyone helped me select what I wore? I think not. Mom had 7 children to get off to school in the morning and I doubt it that she knew what any of us wore, picture day being no exception.

Hangin out at Rippling Waters...

1989 Morgantown, WV

1989 Morgantown, WV

New Orleans with Mom
1994 or '95
1995 Las Vegas, Nevada

And Today
1996 Me and Mom
A little trip down a short lane, it seems.

And  there you have it....


  1. Buffalo: thanks! lol...nothing like pictures to Chronicle one's life

  2. Lovely pics Charlotte Ann. I love finding old photos, they bring back so many forgotten memories. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ayak: Thank you and I've tried to comment on your posts without much success lately. I'm hoping you get back to read this and you and the husband are doing well.


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