Thursday, September 9, 2010

Goodbye Freddie

When I met you, your children were a thriving group of four. Most of them were in grade school already and your beautiful sweet wife with her gentle smile and kind eyes always welcomed me into your home with a smile that crinkled up her huge brown eyes and a big hug that was filled with warmth and welcome.
"Chille Rellenos?" she would say with a smile. She knew what to cook and if I could have requested, it would be this. I never had to request. She would have them ready for our arrival after a long two day drive to get to Arizona. I was sad at her passing. This sister in law was much more then an "in law". She was considered a sister by this family.
Two years ago, Mercy left us. The trip to Arizona bought us to her bedside in the hospital and though she was terribly sick she looked up as we entered her room and managed that smile and recognized us before she drifted back to sleep.

Early this morning, the ringing of my cell phone dragged me up out of my Ambien sleep and with the fog that surrounds that sleep, I heard the husband say two words. "Freddie died."

I thought it was the fog and that I hadn't heard what he said so I asked again "What did you say?" Again those two words and I stayed silent. Waiting for more information where none was forthcoming, I finally said, "Now what?" meaning, are you leaving the job? Are we leaving for Az. again?" and to this he replied "Nothing."
I'm sitting here waiting on more information. I know he must be digesting the news and dealing with the shock so I'll wait. I'll wait for further instructions and let some time pass. 
I'll wait here and think about Freddie. Freddie and Mercy were perfectly matched. Freddie was a social outgoing man and loud to Mercy's quietness. They complimented each other. Freddie had a robust laugh, and eyes that told the tale of all that laugher. Laugh lines radiated out around those eyes beneath heavy black winged brows. A flash of white from a full spread smile, laughter and a good time we enjoyed when around Freddie.
I'm saddened today. Yesterday a young man took his life and today a life was taken from a gentlemen that loved living. So far, this week has left a lot to be desired in the "happy department". Too much sadness two days in a row.
I'm done.


  1. Sincere condolences, Charlotte Ann.

  2. Oh Charlotte Ann, what a very sad time. My thoughts are with you xx


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