Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Shoulda Taken a Nap

Where did yesterday go? I started it out with all hope and expectations of accomplishing something but found I failed.
A few stores visited and a little shopping done and then to Pat's house to hang out for a while. Another trip with Pat as we went looking at laminate that might be used for bathroom countertops; and more that looked like hardwoods that Pat was considering for flooring replacement. Did we make any decisions?
No. We looked and we talked about and we did nothing. I made it back to the house and eyed the sofa for a nap. That didn't happen either. Pat called to tell me she was baking and I should "come watch". I'm all for watching. I knew she wouldn't ask for help so I headed for the car again.
Sliding behind the steering wheel, I slid the key into the ignition switch. It was froze. The key wouldn't turn so I tried to turn/jiggle the steering wheel a little to unlock it and that didn't work either. Frozen solid it was. This happened one other time about a year ago and there was nothing I could do to get that key to turn except wait.
 I flipped the key around, hit all the power buttons on the remote (cause I don't give up easily), unlocked the tilt on the steering wheel and sat there sweating. More attempts to move the steering wheel which was unsuccessful.  Back into the house and the air conditioning while I called Pat who kindly offered to come and pick me up. I was now ready for that nap.
Pat appears and tries the key and confirms it is locked up (big eye roll here; I don't think she saw me). Half an hour passes and I slip back into the car and try the key one more time. Immediately and as if there had never been a problem, the key unlocks the steering wheel, passes on through to "Start" and the sound of the engine turning over matches my sigh of relief. If I had taken that nap, I could have bypassed all this misery.

I'm a little nervous now about the possibility that this could happen while the car is not in my carport. Then what? Is it time to shop for a new car? 

A new car? What about a Pontiac Solstice? A little two seater that is totally useless for anything  but cruising around in with the top down; a fun mobile that has no room should you want to make a trip to the grocery store or pick up something unless you are making your drive alone and have the passenger seat empty. A friend was out in hers the other day when the truck in front of her suddenly decided to put it in reverse and started backing up. Of course her little roadster was not seen and by the time he discovered her behind him, his truck was sitting on top of her hood. Her little Pontiac was totaled but thankfully he quit backing up before he crunched the windshield along with her in the seat. Maybe I had better rethink that little Pontiac Solstice idea?

I really have no desire for a new car. The maw maw Grand Marquis is my comfortable ark and if not for that little key/ignition stubborness, which doesn't happen often, I am happy with my ride.

A more productive day. I poured some gas from the lawn mower supply of gas cans into the Toy and put a set of jumper cables on it, tightened down the battery cables, aired up the tires, checked the oil and water and cranked it up. I had to leave it running for a while and then with expired plates and inspection sticker, I sneaked down to the Circle K and filled the tank with gas. If I'm going to be spending some time on it, I needed a full tank of gas.
I'm done for today. I started sweating in the awful humid stuff we call air here, so I shut it down and tomorrow I will do a little more. Right now it will crank without the jumpers, has plenty of gas and still has expired plates and sticker. I've ordered the plate renewal and when that come in, I'll put a tail light bulb in and take it for inspection and then put a new serpentine belt on it. Hopefully, it will soon be transferred over to the granddaughter and as much as I hate to see it leave, I really don't need it.
Peg just called and I'm off to work on her computer. It will be a nice day to drive across the swamp and watch for alligators. I haven't been on the swamp road for months now.
I'm posting and grabbing my laptop and hitting the road.
I'm done.


  1. Uh, is changing the switch an option?

  2. Next year..when this happens again, I'm gonna have that checked!


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