Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm Just Not Into This

Yesterday was just chocked full of excitement. Another day like that and I'll have to schedule some time to decompress. Are you buying this?

I spent the day on stretches and focused on just one area of my body. The muscles above and below the knee are cramping. If stretching and walking doesn't relieve the pain, I'll be headed for the ortho doctor.

Our fall has finally arrived or at least this week we have it. Next week, the temperatures might soar into the 90's so I'm not breaking out the socks yet. I'm going to brew a cup of coffee and shut this down but not in that order.
I'm done.
1000 hrs. and I have been on my feet all morning. If walking out the stiffness and through the pain is what I need, I might as well be productive. Cleaning toilets, tubs and showers and walking from room to room and down the long hall has helped. Not only does the house look better, so do I. The knee is fully extended once again but remains a little sore. I'm sure that if I sit down for a while, I will have to walk out the soreness once again but that I don't mind. If it works, I don't mind a little pain. I do have Flexiril on board and it causes drowsiness so if I'm to walk out the stiffness, I start before it kicks in.

Landslides in Oaxaca, Mexico and a shooting at U of Texas in Austin top the news. Soldiers shooting each other and sport shooting of  middle easterners on breaking news.  L. Lohan's escapades I try to ignore. It's another day in Disneyland, huh? Maybe the students need to start packin'. Apparently one or two of them do though with this shooting, it isn't told yet if this shooter was an unhappy, deranged student. 

I'm showered and dressed and it's nice enough weather to put on my sneakers and go for a block or two around the neighborhood. Whether I actually do that remains to  be seen.

I'm done for today. I'm done.

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