Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Collection of Comments

Game time and two colleges met to toss and kick and run a football down the stadium field in Baton Rouge.
LSU versus WVU, met last night and I watched the game from my sofa. I have to say, I did expect more from LSU though they did win the game but not by scores I had anticipated. WVU was playing out of their division into the South Eastern Conference and I did not expect them to do as well as they did. I've been told by some 'eers fans that had not one of their key players been injured, the outcome would have been different and to this I say "..and if LSU hadn't committed so many penalties, yardage wouldn't have had to be given up to WVU which could have changed the points accumulated by WVU."
Woulda, coulda, shoulda and there goes the game.

On a totally different conversation, a warning of a subject change right now. My knee popped a few times yesterday. The knee I'm referring to, of course, is the shiny metal one that sits just beneath the skin of my right leg. I've had more extension from it in the past week which is a good thing and something to strive toward. The popping, I assumed, was from this extension of the leg and the joint moving more.

This morning I attempted to stand unsuccessfully. The pain behind my knee prevented the leg from extending even to a point where I could walk. This has happened one time in the past and after a few hours, it evened out and the pain disappeared. My biggest fear is of a clot. A clot in itself is not dangerous unless it moves. An embolism that moves toward the heart or lungs can be deadly. Though this feels like muscle pains, I intend to monitor for for signs and symptoms of an embolism. I expect this to resolve as it did the last time it happened.

I won't be leaping tall buildings in a single bound, nor repelling off any cliffs today, or free falling from a plane. I plan on taking it easy. The Saints play and I'll be in the stands, which translated means, "on my sofa" watching.

Next week, Los Lobos plays in New Orleans and we plan on attending that concert. This knee needs to be functioning normally by then.

That's my plans. What are you doing?


  1. Buffalo: If by tomorrow, I'm still haivng this problem, I'l contact my ortho doctor.


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