Friday, September 24, 2010

Moving On

She awoke to each day with a sigh and some short term goals. There was nothing pressing in her future; her time was her own after her work day  and she seldom made plans but caught life on the fly.

Out of bed and to the shower, and back to the dressing table, she slowly worked the comb through her long dark hair. While it dried, she tilted her face up to the mirror and applied her eyeliner and mascara. The thick black lashes curled just enough on the tips to frame the almond shaped hazel colored eyes that were half circled  by the soft curve of her ebony eyebrows. Turning her face from side to side, she studied her reflection in the mirror. A little redness she added to her lips and one final inspection completed her morning routine.

Slipping into the dress she had selected, she started buttoning the small buttons that began at the waistline and continued upward between her breasts and to the neckline. A chocolate brown dress, with a fitted bodice that snugged into her small waist  and sleeveless that showed off her slender firm arms, the hemline 4 inches above her knees to give notice to her long dancers' legs, it was time to leave her home.

She began her walk down the street to her office. Cars following each other closely, were bumper to bumper and  hurrying to their destinations known only to them. Some times a space would open between these cars as one of the drivers would look toward the beautiful dark haired girl striding down the street, her skirt caught by the breeze to flash a little more then intended  a view of those dancers' legs.

A crash of metal was heard. A head light rim clattering as it rolled across the street and bounced across the sidewalk, barely missing the young lady on her walk to work. This was immediately followed by the driver of the car that had just been hit climbing out for a confrontation with the careless driver behind him.

She glanced back and then ducked into a clothing store. A witness to this accident, she wanted to avoid. She knew what had distracted that driver. Walking by a mirror in the dress shop, she straightened her shoulders and glanced into one of the many mirrors for confirmation. Smiling, she exited through a side door, strolled to the corner and continued her walk, a boost to her ego intact much unlike the two cars that had traded insurance cards and moved on.  


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