Saturday, September 25, 2010

Friday/Saturday Almost

The white truck backed out of the driveway and headed for Texas. Another job follows closely to the one just finished two days ago. I considered going on this job and I still haven't totally ruled out this trip. I would drive myself there and have my car to use. Houston is 70 miles away from Columbus, Texas and excursions into the city would offer some entertainment. I haven't decided yet if I want to make another trip right now. If it involved Colorado, I would have been packed and out of here already.

The family was invited over for some baby back ribs and chicken last night. The daughter did most of the cooking while at least 3 of the arriving family members showed up with their laptops and flipped open the lids, signed on to the 'net while waiting for dinner to be served. I looked around at the laptops, at another person playing a hand held video game and another that was texting on their cell phone and wondered if they would notice if I left not only the room but the house. There is such a thing as being "too connected"? I think that applies to this household. 
I require that all devices be relinquished during the meal in hopes some conversation can be initiated. Eventually everyone packed up and gradually drifted away, the granddaughter leaving with her friend, followed by the daughter and family a few minutes later. Alone, I tidied up the kitchen, turned off the lights and climbed into bed for some television. The only thing missing from this evening was Carrie. She was spending the weekend with her dad which made for a much quieter family visit.

It's now Saturday morning and I've brewed a pot of coffee, a fresh cup of it sitting on the bedside table being sipped between paragraphs. I have no plans today. I may do some shopping for furniture. I may throw a suitcase into the car and leave for Houston. I do know one thing for sure health willing.  I plan on watching the WVU and LSU game this afternoon. An alumni of LSU, I'll be cheering for them though I still maintain a spot of loyalty to WVU, my home state team but not enought to have them win.

Stretching and repositioning my pillows, I'm tempted to shut down this laptop, pull up the blankets and laze here in bed for a few more hours. I'm in no hurry and it feels great to have the luxury of lazing around. I'm getting good at this after 3 yrs. of practice.

I'm done for a while, though I may return to add a few more paragraphs should something interesting occur today.It's doubtful but not impossible, right?
I won't be heading to Houston. The husband will be headed home instead. Job has downsized and only one man needed. I will be watching the WVU/LSU game from here in Lafayette.


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