Friday, September 3, 2010

Something's Missing

Yesterday on the way to the store to do some shopping , I had a thought breeze through my brain; I'll just stop by and see Carrie before I go shopping. She might like to go with me?
A sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as I realized she wasn't just a few blocks away, but states away and unavailable. I felt lost for a few minutes. My routine was upset and I was floundering. It was time to move on; to set new plans and routines  until she returns. It's amazing the changes she has initiated in the four years she has been around. Before Carrie, Ted took center stage and around the time he was getting independent and spending more time with his friends Carrie arrives to command our attention.

Today is planned. All the digital photos taken to this date this year will be printed and put into Carrie's album. Every year since she was born, a full album of pictures has chronicled her journey in life. From totally dependant on others to care for her to this point in her life where she thinks she knows more then those taller around her, is recorded. If I really want to get melancholy, I retrieve her first album and note how much she has grown from those photos to now. Most of the time, the albums cause me to smile with pleasure at the good times with her.

I'm off to shower and dress. I have a project to start and finish. A plan! I have a plan!


  1. It's so lovely to actually have an album. It's rare these days when everyone seems to store their photos on their computers. It will be something she will treasure when she is older.

  2. She has an album for each year of her life...and in October she will be 5yrs old..and from then on, I'll just do a community, all, everyone type album. I have digital pics..but I still do albums. Sometimes the kids come and like to drag them out and laugh about the times share in them.


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