Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Should Have Known Better

You would think that at my age, I would know my likes and dislikes and there would be no "maybes". Not so apparently.

Carrie returned from the visit to her dad's. Mom and siblings were going to the Cajun Heartland State Fair as is their custom each year to celebrate Ted's birthday. Carrie begged me to come along. She hadn't seen me for the past three days and didn't want to be separated again so I agreed to go. BIG MISTAKE.
It's hot here and the Fair is held outdoors of course. It's difficult trying to get all those rides under roof. I knew it was hot and that we would be outdoors and I still went? What was I thinking? Sweat dripping off my face in rivulets, clothes soaked in it and hordes of people everywhere and I was looking forward to sunset. We arrived at 5PM so that wasn't going to happen for a few more hours. Carrie's face was bright red with a mist of sweat. We sipped on lemonade that daughter stood in a long line to buy. Did I mention the lines yet? Well, yes, there were lines and we stood in them waiting to get an opportunity to get a few minutes of thrill riding. As I stood around in the heat, I mentally added "never again" to my list of stuff I won't do again. It's right there listed below "zoo" which I realized after my last zoo trip that it indeed would be my "last". And to make matters worse, I know I have a fear of heights and what did I do but climb aboard the Ferris Wheel where I cringed in a corner as it made it's revolutions and my mind drifted through the scenes for this same ride in Final Destination, the sequel number I can't remember. Again, what was I thinking?????
Maybe it's the heat? I'm sure that plays a large part in my dislike of the Cajun Heartland State Fair. Maybe it should be held in November in this part of the country. Maybe it's the outrageous prices for everything. 7.00 for a funnel cake? 7.00 for a lemonade?
The upside of this excursion was the people watching that this trip offered. There were quite a variety of them and I'm betting they don't make it into the big town but a few times a year and this was one of those high times for them.

I'll refrain from descriptions.
I have an early morning appointment with my dentist. This, hopefully, will be the last one for a while.
I'm heartbroken. My memory card needed to be scanned for stuff that were in error and I couldn't get last evenings pictures off of it before scanning it and of course I've lost the pictures from the fair. Ah well, worse things have happened; the attending of that fair for one!


  1. Never say never. It is a sure-fire way of insuring you'll do it again.

  2. I know you are right on this. Who knows. Maybe in time, I will have another memory lapse of how I felt and make another disastrous decision to go.


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