Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Best Thing about My "QUIT"

is that I may have been an inspiration to others. Those "others" have observed my "quit" and said to themselves "if she can quit, I should be able to also".

The daughter has quit. I check in with her on occasion to verify that she is still "quit" and she assures me that she is and that it seldom bothers her even at this early stage in her "quit". I'm truly impressed and I know she must be also. I don't think and neither does she that it was as rough as she thought it was going to be although she doesn't want to do those first three days over again. Those were rocky. I think she did her "quit" much better then I did mine but she attributes that to the fact that I had 20 yrs more on her smoking habit then she did. Maybe so. I think it's my "all or nothing" personality. I gave smoking my "all" as I do with most things I commit to and I was truly and sadly commited to those smokes.

The husband announced the other day that when he finished his last two packs of cigarettes, he was quitting. AH? What? Another one quitting? Awesome!
I was much impressed by his declaration. Today he hasn't had a cigarette as he smoked his last one last night. He says "whats the big deal? what's so hard about quitting?" He says this and then though I don't mention it, his patience with everything he encounters is absent. Not only is it absent but it is noticeable that is it so. Quick sharp requests and retorts, a bit of ranting and raving and I watch as he endures and moves forward through his "quit". I stay silent. Talking about it won't help him right now. Staying out of his way and ignoring the rants and raves is all I can do for him. If he makes it through the next three days without giving in and buying cigarettes, he will be on his way to being a quitter. I'm waiting and watching and keeping my fingers crossed for him. If he doesn't make it, I won't say anything to him about it. It doesn't help to badger someone about their habits and addictions or at least that's how I feel on that subject.

I have a little more organizing to do here. Closets and cupboards need a little attention and a hot humid day is the perfect time to spend indoors doing this. 

I'll break out the paint rollers this coming week and do some painting on the ceilings. Nothing exciting going on in my life right now but that's alright too though I've mentioned to the husband a few times that a trip to Colorado would be much appreciated. Maybe he could notify the company he contracts to that he would accept a job in the Rockies. I can be packed in a matter of minutes. 

I'm off here to inspect some closets.


  1. You're right that you can't badger someone about their addictions. If they want to quit they first and foremost have to do it for themselves.
    Well done you on staying off the cigs!

  2. Ayak: thank you and every day that I don't smoke, I'm grateful.


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