Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Final or Homestretch

We should be home by this evening and for that I'm grateful. I want to crawl out of my own bed and to my own coffee pot in the morning. I want to sit on my patio and listen to the birds sing, chirp and cuss each other out and watch them attack the little squirrel that races away from then over the top of the fence and up the cypress trees. I have to cheer for the squirrel as he is always outnumbered by the ill tempered birds.

I'm again in the lobby though a different one and this morning MSN is on the television for my morning news fix. Storms rolled through here last night as predicted and I could hear the thunder that came with it. I didn't move. Eventually I rolled over for comfort's sake and drifted back to sleep. The temperature here is warmer then yesterday morning's when I awoke in Albq., New Mexico. Soon I will be back in the humid hot bowl of the Gulf. My hair will do the frizz up thing and all will be back to normal in my little world.

I've promised myself a date with a gym and will try to keep it. Getting my muscles back in my legs will be my number one goal for the remainder of this summer. If I can walk with endurance by the fall, I've been promised a vacation and it will be scheduled when the weather cools down which is usually fall which is my fav time to take a trip. The children will be back in school and it's "off season" which usually affects prices and bookings.

I'm off to go back to the room and shower and pack up again. We should be home this afternoon and the husband should be leaving on a job tomorrow. He will be happy to be back to work and I will be content to be back home.

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