Friday, June 25, 2010

Oh My!

Could I actually be nearing the end of projects here? The best news yesterday was not having to sand and refinish any of those vanity doors!  When we removed the handles, those gross gaudy huge things that were placed in the center of each door, the space they were attached to had not faded or changed color at all. All I had to do was fill the holes with wood putty and stain the putty to match the doors and with the wild grain of that wood, the holes were unnoticeable.

I cleaned the doors, filled the holes and then another trip to Home Depot was needed. I bought new knobs for that bathroom and while I was there, I also bought replacement knobs for all the cabinets in the laundry room. Little tasks but ones that made a big difference, or at least it did to me. I'm sure no one is  going to come to visit and exclaim over the new knobs. Heck, they probably won't even notice them. I did. I noticed the scarred, outdated, worn handles and knobs. I try to keep this house "market ready" just in case we might want to put it up for sale. I would hate to have a long list of things that would have to be done before trying to sell it.

Today will be a day to finish up on that bathroom. A little wood to stain and the doors to be rehung; the husband will have to drill holes in those doors for the new knobs. He has to install another faucet, a job he hates doing and that's why he is hiding outside right now. Next on my list is painting ceilings.
All these projects are "indoor" and away from the staggering heat outside. The husband tolerates the heat much better then I. Speaking of, and this relates to heat, I mixed up another pitcher of wine coolers. I'll have to stock up on new supplies to make more  as it would be classified as a major disaster to run out of wine coolers.
I'm done for now. It's time to get some stuff finished up here.

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