Monday, June 28, 2010

24 Hours Down

Yep, it's now 24 hours since the husband has had a cigarette. He does a good job of faking it, I must say. He has headed for the patio a few times yesterday only to reach for the door knob, hesitate, turn and go in the opposite direction. Habits rule!

I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for him. I'm staying quiet and I'm staying out of his way. He has my sympathy. Been there, done that.

Today I make a trip to the podiatrist/surgeon's office with a check and a night splint in hand. I'm going to explain nicely to the bookkeeper the reason I'm returning the splint and then I'll write her a check and pay in full what I owe the doctor. I'll let ya know how this goes. 

 Carrie's mom is contacting her doctor. It's time to have her tonsils out. She will have this done at the same time her brother has his out. She is four and he is seventeen and the voice of experience here says he will have a rougher time then she will. When daughter was 5 yrs old, we both went in together and had our tonsils out and I have to say, it wasn't the best decision I've ever made in my life. She was up and running around while I was miserable for a week.

I'm off here to get a shower and dressed and hopefully back to the house before the temperatures reach the "scorch" mark on the thermometer. 

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