Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's Just a Big Hole in the Ground?

That's what my daughter said to me the first time she viewed the Grand Canyon.
We left Casa Grande this morning after the family meeting in the park and headed north and west. Rising out of the desert, the temperatures started to drop and right now I'm sitting in a Best Western lobby waiting for the time we can get into our room which will be in another 3o minutes. It's 49 degrees and I'm wearing a thin shirt and a pair of capris with sandals while everyone around me aren't doing any better in the "appropriate dress" attire for the temperatures here. Most people are in shorts and coats. The ones without a coat are shivering and that would include me.

Yesterday it was 109 degrees in the desert. A hot wind was blowing and dust devils were dancing in the desert. Today the leaves on the trees here in the mountains are twisting and turning in the breeze while the goose bumps dance along my arms and legs.

Tomorrow we will spend the day at the canyon. Tonight I will get a good nights sleep and spend some time checking my email and enjoying internet access. There should be a law prohibiting people from not having internet access. I've been having withdrawal.
Excuse me while I check my mail, my Facebook, my My Space, blogs I read and then pay some bills. I'll be busy for the next few hours.
We are more then grateful to be out of that truck and into the room. Both laptops are connected to the internet and I have been busy sending the pictures I shot today to family members that requested I email them when I got "connected".
A light rain has started to fall and I am keeping an eye on the temperatures. Should they get to freezing we may see snow. I don't really think that will happen but if it would, I would gladly buy a warm jacket and wear while making snow angels. It's good to be back out west again. Last year at this time I was in Colorado. I do miss the western part of the USA and my hair looks so much better out here then it does in that hot humid climate of the south. I do miss all the bright green grass and trees and flowers of the south.
We will go out for dinner soon. I might have to shop for a sweatshirt to wear if the temps don't climb a bit.
Nothing to flaunt about the meal we had. I had ribs and I've had better. The husband had prime rib; he has had better. After dinner we went to the IMax and zoomed around the canyon on a six story screen. At times I wished I hadn't just had a meal. The heights were dizzying and running the Colorado in the rafts convinced me that I might not want to try the real thing. We stopped at a gift shop and bought an overpriced and over sized sweat shirt. It is supposed to be up to 76 degrees tomorrow so I probably won't be needing it except for the early morning.
We are 500 miles from Sante Fe which will be our next stop which we probably won't make tomorrow night. I'm in no hurry to get back to the heat and humidity. I've already mentioned that haven't I?
Enough for me tonight. I'm off to surf the net.


  1. This is proving to be a wonderful trip. Isn't it amazing how you can go from hot temps to cool temps in a relatively short time?

  2. If I were the envious type ...


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