Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Bad or A Case of "Can't Do"

0330 rolls around and my eyes pop open so I drag myself out of bed and sneak out to the living room where I flip on the TV then I move to the kitchen where I do some tidying up. I hate to leave anything undone when I'm going away for a while. Mentally I make a list of what to do right before heading out the door. Turn off lamps, check; turn off the heater on the coffee pot, check; turn off the thermostat/ac, check; and as I'm doing this I am getting the garbage bag from beneath the sink so it can be taken out the door before we leave.
Soon the husband is out of bed and by that time I've laid back down on the sofa and was just drifting off to sleep. I ditched that idea and scrambled off the sofa and headed for the shower. A quick shower and shampoo, makeup and hair and I'm dressed and ready to load cameras and laptop. My suitcase is already in the back of the truck.
As we headed down the road, I switched on this laptop and used Word Pad to describe our trip for the next 8 hrs. I didn't type for 8 hrs but would come back to the document and "chart" and then sign off and sign back on later for an update. Guess what? I couldn't copy and paste the darn document here to my blog spot.
Nope, I tried everything. I even copied, pasted it to email and sent it to myself to see if I could copy and paste from there. No good. That idea was equivalent to all the ideas BP is having on plugging that big gaping hole in the ocean floor and as futile.
Oh, I know my blog isn't as important as a spewing hole in the ocean floor that is spreading oil far and wide but it does denote my laziness. I have no intention of copying by hand all that typing to get it over here to my blog.
Condensed version: Left Lafayette at 0600; rain, sun, more rain. Lunch at Mexican food restaurant in Luling, more driving but no rain. Arrived in Ft. Stockton at 1800 hrs. and checked in to the Holiday Inn. Dinner, then to Walmart to get me a book to read on the remainder of the trip tomorrow and now back in the room to relax. Leg is stiff from so little exercise but I plan on sitting on the floor here and doing some stretching. Right now I'm going to soak in a hot tub and I'm not going to get back in that truck again today.
I won't be typing in Word Pad tomorrow. I must find a better way to "chart" as we speed down the blacktop and on to our destination.
Till tomorrow...........I'm done.


  1. I always compose in Microsoft Word (not word pad) and then copy it to blogger. I've never had a problem.

    Mystery to me.

  2. Friday: up early and reinstalled trial version of MS Office, tried to cut and paste to blog...didn't work. I'm mystified too.

  3. I can never do any of these things...I'm a complete computer numpty.

    Souns like a good trip anyway xx


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