Monday, June 14, 2010

A Post from Yesterday

(This is the post I lost and it should have been posted yesterday morning. I couldn't copy and paste from my laptop after posting it in the wrong place. I'm on the hotel computer here in Albq. and experimenting with this computer to see if I can copy and paste....and it worked!!!

Daylight comes early here in northern Arizona but coffee doesn't. I'm sitting here in the lobby of this hotel watching others that rise early search for that first cup of coffee. Apparently the coffee shop doesn't open until 6:30 so a large group of people with disengaged brains are wandering around with glazed expressions on their faces and I'm one of them.
I've been up since 5AM, lost and foundering in the parking lot. I followed the signs from my room and down long halls that took 90 degree turns to lead me down yet another hall and finally I took an exit out of the building where I did a wake up walk to the lobby. Birds with worms dangling from their mouths were hopping along the walkways confirming that saying "the early bird catches the worm" or that's what I was thinking as I watched him hop along. Apparently that saying doesn't apply to coffee drinkers.
Bus tour people with their little yellow name tags are milling about and will soon board their buses to be herded to the next location. I've never done a bus tour and I can't imagine the rigorous schedule they must keep to pack every tourist site into a two week trip. I'm on vacation to get away from schedules and we usually play it very loose when we are out and about. We sorta know where we will end up at evening time and hope we can find a vacant room in the area.
We have made a plan for today. We will drive the South Rim of the canyon stopping at the lookouts for photo ops and then head for Sante Fe. The coffee shop should have opened while I have been sitting here typing this so I'm off to drink a gallon or two.
Happy trails to me!

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