Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tasks and Tasks

Another dentist office visit and another hundreds of dollars spent but this time it wasn't me. The husband had his visit for the two cavities to be filled and now he has a wisdom tooth to be removed but we are saving that for July.

We should be all fixed up soon except for the quarterly cleanings. Hopefully there won't be a surgical procedure needed from this household for a while.
Another hot day here. I can't imagine what August will be if the temperatures are in the mid 90s already. 

I made the trip to the daughers' house to pick up my mouse sander. Maybe I'll get started on sanding cupboard doors today. This won't be a long time consuming job. It's only 4 cupboard doors and the box they sit in. The husband can remove the doors and while I'm sanding and refinishing he can install the new faucets for that vanity. He will be wishing for a call to go on a job if I keep finding tasks for him to do here.

I am grateful that he can do these things. I do hire the carpenter on occasion but usually the husband is too busy to get to the larger projects I want done around here.

I'm off to find some shabby clothes that won't be ruined by stains and paints.

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