Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dental and Denial

I'm sitting here in the dentist office blogging. How's that for having connections? My sister in law is the office manager here and my niece is the hygienist. She just finished doing a cleaning on my teeth and now the husband is in the chair having his done. We get the family discount so while here in Arizona, we are taking advantage of it.
I have to have this done every three months and though I dread having to make dental office visits, this one wasn't traumatic at all.
I'm waiting to see the dentist now so this won't be a long post. We plan on leaving here on Saturday and heading for Flagstaff then on to the Grand Canyon before heading home.
While I have access to a computer and the Internet, I'll take advantage of this opportunity to check my email and a few other things online.
I'll be back when I can get back to an online access.

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