Monday, May 31, 2010

Collections and Returns

A definite sign of progress is when you start collecting all the health care aids and returning them to their owners. I've borrowed wheelchairs, crutches, bath chair and cane and today I will visit the owners of said items and offer my profuse thanks for lending them to me. I'm ready to let go of all these things that have been my companions for the past two years. It's time and I'm due!

A progress report/update on the foot and knee.
I am almost 3 months post op on the Achilles heel surgery and oh my, how time has flown by. It only flew by after I was allowed to walk and even then the first 3 weeks of walking remained very uncomfortable. I do notice that it has improved greatly since that first few steps. I still have a bit of a problem with extenstion of the knee which causes a slight limp and I'm still very slow. I'm happy to be at this point; being in a wheelchair and on crutches makes one appreciate steps when they can be taken.

I'm heading out for a morning walk which I hope will become a new habit for me.

The daughter remains smoke free for her seventh day. Here's hoping it's a "forever quit".

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  1. Wonderful to get rid of all these aids that were so necessary and are now not.

    Well done your daughter!


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