Sunday, June 20, 2010

It All Started With

that trip to the grocery store this morning. That went well, the lines weren't long so when I got to the checkout lane then out of the store in good time I was a happy shopper. I got home and unloaded everything from the trunk of the car to the counter in the kitchen. When I opened the refrigerator door and looked in, I knew some rearranging was my next task. I started moving stuff around then realized a shelf needed cleaning which lead to cleaning the crisper then the meat bin and, well you get the picture. I ended up cleaning out the whole fridge, wiping and scrubbing and pitching stuff that would make your tummy queasy. I guess it's been a while since I've done this chore. Tonight will definetly be "leftover" night. I could serve a smorgasbord from what is hanging out in that fridge and we have only been home a few days. Too much food cooked for two people. I really think it would be cheaper for us to eat "out".
The husband spent yesterday cleaning and polishing the exterior of his truck and since early this morning he has been detail cleaning the inside. He did say he was almost done and that when he finished we could go somewhere. I countered with "I'm not going anywhere that includes unairconditioned surroundings. Staying home on days like this is not a punishment. I'm cool. I have internet. I have TV. What's not to like about staying home? I know this year is no hotter then last year but I seem to forget how hot the previous summers were and am always surprised by the heat each year. I could add a few more adjectives about the heat but I think we have heard them one and all.
Tomorrow I will schedule an apointment with my dentist for the husband. I'll take him the X Rays that were done in Arizona showing the cavities that need attention. Small, they are, but getting them done right away will prevent him from having to have root canals done. It doesn't make me at all nervous to schedule someone ELSE for a dental visit. I'm done for another 4 months when I will have to have perio-maintainence done.
It's time to mix up some more wine coolers and that's where I will be for a while.

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