Saturday, June 19, 2010


I'm on a roll here. I've actually done something today and it's still early so who knows? I might actually stay on the move. It makes it easier when you don't have pain and for the past two days, I can actually stand and walk without pain to my right leg/foot and that's just a tremendous feeling. I'm getting better..yes I am.

I've stripped the bed,replaced sheets and starting some closet organizing. The husband is going to work on a water leak under the new sink that was placed a few months ago. I've had hot water to it but the cold side of it leaks. I'm aiming on inside tasks as it's too hot and sticky to be outside. What happened to all that rain we were supposed to receive yesterday afternoon? The thunder arrived but the rain was left behind somewhere. Ah, well, I suppose the flowers will need my watering technique sometime today.

I think I might hold off on sipping on wine coolers. A few of those and I feel a need for a long nap. Do ya think that is why I've been "resting" a lot these past three days?

I'm outta here to get a cool shower and finish my home/house work. Steaks on the grill and fresh green beans and a salad is on the menu for this hot day. The less cooking in the kitchen and little clean up is my goal.

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  1. It's difficult to get chores done in the heat isn't it? I'm finding myself getting up at around 5.30am these days to water the garden and do the housework before it's impossible to do anything

    Glad to hear you're walking about with no pain now xx


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