Wednesday, June 23, 2010

To Do

All those little things that no one ever notices whether they are done or not is what we are working on right now. The knobs that needed to be placed on the bathroom vanities, the plug in receptacles with trialing wires that could be tidier and the cabinets that need sanded and refinished are on my hit list while the husband is home and rested from work. He was notified that he had another 10 days free from worry about going out on a job. Immediately my brain start calculating all the little chores that could be completed or even started. Time. Ten days! I could dig out THE LIST and we could accomplish oh so much if we started immediately. I have my list and he has his list and sometimes the two collide in a not nice way.
I am considerate enough to make sure all the tasks on my list are inside jobs that can be done in air conditioned comfort. That's my summer list. I also have a winter list of things such as "attic insulation" and stuff that could be done to the "little house".

We are getting ready to make a trip to Walmart for a few supplies; I need to call the daughter to get my mouse sander back and we will be ready to roll. See those smiles all around here? Ok, maybe not everyone here is smiling but at least there is no blatant resistance.
I'm done. Not really. I'm just getting started.

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  1. Oh I have an endless list of jobs to be done...impossible to achieve while my husband is away for most of the time. I do try to do most stuff myself, but there are some things that are just impossible for me.


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