Monday, June 21, 2010

Bright and Early, Did I mention Hot?

A cup of coffee and a cool shower, dressed and on my way to the dentist's office shortly after 7AM is how I started this morning. I've made an appointment with my dentist for the husband to have his cavities done on Wednesday.
I wanted to do some shopping but it was too early for the stores to be open so I drove home, waited and a little later drove to Pat's house and together we went shopping. My goal was to find some stemmed glassware for my wine coolers; instead I bought a snow cone machine, snowcone cups and syrup. Funny how that happens huh? It was an impulse purchase. I know Carrie will enjoy making snow cones. It's summer, right? I'll have to call her and tell her we have a surprise for her. She loves surprises. We sashay up to her and bellow out "Special Delivery" for the prettiest girl on Cane Drive. To this she whips our her imaginery identification card which we take and scrutinize to make sure it matches her. She poses with a frozen smile on her face, her head tilted to the left while we monitor her likiness to the imaginery driver's liscense she has handed us. "yep, that"s her alright" and then her gift is handed over to her. She loves this game. It is played when food or drink is served to her and if you should forget, she is quick to remind you about the I.D. thing.
The husband is outside with his newest toy, the pressure washer. I'm inside monitoring the a/c. The weather reports are for temperatures in the mid 90's all this week. I won't be outside unless it's absolutely necessary. It's hot and it's something I avoid at all costs.


  1. Mid 90s here too, and I'm not enjoying it one bit. I love the ID game...what fun! Now please explain to me what a snow cone machine is?

  2. A little machine that makes shaved ice out of ice cubes that you drop into the top of it. The shaved ice is spit out a little opening into a paper cone shaped cup and then you pour syrup over the ice. The syrup is flavored. We have blueberry and cherry flavored syrup with the snow cone machine.

  3. Oh now I know what you mean. They're called slush puppies in the UK...lovely!


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