Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hot apple crisp and poblano chili peppers are two of my very fav things although not together.
This morning before the husband climbed out of bed, I peeled and sliced some Granny Smith apples, layered them in a dish with butter and then sprinkled some cinnamon sugar over them.
Topped with the oatmeal/sugar/butter concoction, I slid the Apple Crisp into the oven for an hour of bake time. The house was filled with the smell of cinnamon and apples. Hot Apple Crisp and vanilla ice cream says winter to me. I don't care. I'll have it in the summer too as well as gumbo that the people here think I'm a bit daffy for cooking on a hot summer day.

Poblanos? Well those will be toasted/grilled till the skin slides off easily, stuffed with cheese and rolled in a batter of flour and eggs and deep fried. Chile Rellenos, refried beans and Spanish Rice is the menu for dinner tonight. I must be in the mood to cook you say?
Not really but I do most of the Tex/Mex cooking here and I want some chile rellenos so I have kitchen duty today. I had to learn to cook Tex/Mex as the restaurants here that pretend to be authentic Mexican restaurants are for the most part a sad imitation. I have had excellent instructors. The husband's mother and sisters have offered many hours of guidance. The only thing I can't do is make a home made tortilla. I've practiced through pounds and pounds of flour and still never could get the tortillas to roll. Flat and firm as a frisbee, the tortillas from my stove were inedible so I buy them and now the stores are selling the ones that are uncooked. These can be cooked when needed and they can pass well as homemade.

I'm feeling very domestic today. I'll burn out before much more time passes and  by the dinner time I'll be ready to order a pizza and wonder why I thought I wanted to do all this cooking.

I'm outta here to do some "make pretty" on that bathroom vanity.

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