Monday, June 14, 2010

A Lobby, Coffee and CNN

Soon we will be packed up and on the road again. I'm in the lobby or maybe a better location address would be the breakfast area of the hotel. Coffee, laptop and the news and I'm pursuing my normal behavior for a hotel stay. The husband is still asleep and I have my cell phone close by. He will call when he is up and dressed and ready to go.

We should be close to Dallas tonight and stay somewhere in the area. I think the husband is ready to be home and back on a job somewhere. He doesn't do well when he is away from work for too long. There is no complaints from me on that as I would rather him be a man that holds a job then one that refuses to.

A foot update? Yes, it's time for a foot update. I'm now 3 months post op and 6 weeks weight bearing on it. Mostly it causes no problems with walking, though the knee still doesn't fully extend and the muscles on that leg are weak. I intend to join some place to work out on some machines when I get back to Lafayette. Both legs need strengthening since I haven't been very active for the past two years. I also plan a walking regiment around my neighborhood. Early morning and late evening walks with a goal to build up the length of those walks until I can do a few miles without the leg cramping up. That's my goal.

I'm off here to drink more coffee and wait on that phone call that gives me the "all clear" signal to return to the room to pack up my stuff and hit the road.

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