Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday and 110

I can't imagine living here full time. It's hot. Oh, yeah, I know it's hot in Louisiana but hot in Arizona is a lesson in what living in the desert really means.

Hopefully the air conditioner will be fixed today. The repair man has the compressor or is able to get the one needed and will be working on it sometime today. We are still hanging on to the room at the Holiday Inn. We asked for a late check out which allows us to stay until 1400hrs and we are one hour from that time right now so we will be packing up our stuff and moving out of this room.

Visiting family and friends has kept us busy for the past four days and that's what this trip was all about. The last time we were here was two years ago. Sometimes longer spans of time pass then two years so we savor these visits.

I'm out of here to pack up this laptop and wave sadly to the internet. I may try to find a "hot spot" here in town to log on occasionally. No plans yet on when we will leave this town. We are being spontaneous; no plans for now.

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  1. Spontaneous is good...sounds like yu're enjoying the trip in spite of the heat.


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