Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hot and More Hot

I step outside and the immediate blast of heat is suffocating. I ease back inside and shut the door on it and  I think the air conditioning has made me dependant. Maybe I should turn the air "up" to a higher setting and then the difference between the outside air and the inside air won't be at such extremes from each other.

The handles and knobs have been replaced, the new faucets are in place and I'm marking those task off of The List. The bathroom vanity looks sleek and modern after removing the huge clunky hardware. The old brass faucets had long ago discolored and no amount of scrubbing would make them look presentable. It was time.

The husband worked outside all day yesterday building the wooden stand for his plastic bin that he wanted to set up off the ground. That finished, he used the power washer and cleaned the little house and the privacy fence. Amazing what that power washing can do. The fence that was weathered now looks bright and fresh.
Dinner? Well, steaks, Brussels sprouts sauteed with bacon and onions and a green salad with avocados  prepared and served by the husband.

I'm tempted to ask "what's for dinner"? but since I have no plans on cooking, I wait on that question. I wouldn't want the cook to think I was taking him for granted or worse yet, expecting him to cook.

Naps and tv. My plan for today.


  1. This is one of the reasons why I hate the aircon...the shock you get when you step outside, and one of the reasons why I don't use it unless absolutely necessary.

  2. Ayak, I'm afraid I'm very spoiled. From the house to the air conditioned store and back home. That's how I travel in the summers here.


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