Tuesday, June 22, 2010


You might not know what heelies are so I'm here to get you informed and up to date on the KEWLness of heelies.
Roller skates that aren't all the time. Part time they are a pair of shoes and part time they are roller skates. There is a button located on the upper outer edges of the soles of these shoes that when pressed let the wheels on the soles of these shoes retract so they can be won as shoes. The kids love em. We are trying to teach Carrie the joys of wearing heelies. Right now, she can't see it. Carrie is not hell bent on riding the edges of life for a thrill. She is a cautious child when it comes to anything that demands that learning a new skill might cause bruises or broken bones. Carrie shys away from "hurt".
Amid squeals of fun and sometimes squeals of terror, I supported her beneath the arms while she tried to stand upright on the heelies. She only dedicates a short amount of time to this learning of something she can't see as a fun thing. I encouraged her to keep going but if I leave her alone for a while, I'll return to find she has stripped off these shoe/heelies and is tripping around happily without them. Sporty might not be the way she leans. Nail polish and fashion seems to be the way she is bent. Makeup and hair isn't a fearful thing for her. To each his own. When she left here to go home with her mother, I sent the heelies and the inline skates with her. Her mother was a competitive skater and that might be just the sort of teacher Carrie requires. I'll be watching for some progress hereafter.
It must be getting close to my nap time. I'm sure it is. I'm getting very very sleepy.........................

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