Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Minute by Minute

Yesterday the new tooth/crown was placed which means I shouldn't have to visit the dentist every other week. For this I'm thankful. The dentist visits were never good for a chuckle although if I ever have a problem with low blood pressure, a visit to the dentist chair would be sure to cure that problem.
Another doctors visit today and one tomorrow and I should be done for a while. The podiatrist/surgeon should release me from his care today hopefully. It's just a matter of time now on the remaining healing the Achilles needs to do and yesterday I returned the borrowed crutches. Freedom is in sight.
Now to the most important news. Luling, Texas and the smokehouse there that provides some of the best smoke meat to the public. The husband passed through there on his way home yesterday and stopped to pick up some ribs, brisket and sausage. It was much appreciated here and we enjoyed it for dinner last night. The meat, as usual, was tender and delicious and the husband even bought a container of the BBQ sauce they make in the store there so we could slather the meat with it's spicy hot goodness. Dinner was awesome.

I have to get a quick shower and get dressed and on my way. I'll be back later and publish this.
I've changed my mind on publishing. I doubt that this day is going to get much more exciting and if it does, posting isn't limited; I can always come back here and add on to my memory aide.

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