Tuesday, June 29, 2010

48 Hours Down

Two days down in the "quit" that the husband is doing. I'm just watching.

The daughter is apparently having a "puff" now and then and that's exactly how I restarted smoking with my first "quit" which I label now as a "stop" and not a real "quit". She is aware so I shall just let that be.

I made my trip to the doctor's office yesterday to find that it is closed on Monday's and Fridays. I was aware of the Friday closures but not of the Monday. I'm guessing he is doing surgery on both of those days. I'm sure he isn't sitting at home. Today I will try again.

I haven't started any new projects and I know there are things to do around here. My biggest desire would be to pull the walls down in the office and put up some sheet rock.  The walls have paneling which has been painted over and the paneling is cheap and poorly installed. I won't start this job as the husband may be leaving this week on a job. Time is up for all those little things I was asking him to finish around here.

I'm off here to do some shredding of papers and tidy up that office.   

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