Thursday, June 17, 2010

Coolers and Scorpions

I guess you know I've been away from the house for a while. We spent almost two weeks in Arizona or on the road to and from Arizona.
While there we roamed from house to house visiting the husband's siblings. When that was done, we visited his buddies and their wives. We do this each time we make the trip across the country to his home state. It's a long drive so we try to make sure we see everyone when we are in town. We have our favorite little restaurants that we visit. Little Sombrero's sits across from where the old high school was and still serves some of the best tacos and cheese crisps which we indulge in while there. Your meal is served through a walk up window, and you either take it with you or you can eat at picnic tables under an awning with a mist of water that surrounds you for cooling purposes.
The husbands' sister's house is where we stay while there. Chris is a very social type and this visit she introduced me to wine coolers. Wine, sprite, sugar and a variety of fruit sliced and floating in the wine is now my favorite drink. As I sip the wine, I fish in the glass for a slice of orange or strawberry to nibble on.
The wine I enjoyed. The scorpions I was told about, I didn't enjoy. Climbing into bed at night, I flipped the pillows over and under the bright overhead light, I looked for the little critters. Before hopping out of bed in the morning, I surveyed the floor to make sure I didn't encroach on their territory. I was a nervous wreck. While sitting outside, a fly lit on my leg and when the screaming was over, I had to explain myself to the others sitting around. I don't like bugs and scorpions are bugs. I found out that bug spray doesn't kill them. I'm lost without my can of bug spray. I keep a can hidden in most of the rooms in my house. I don't have to go far to get my hands on a can of spray. When I found that didn't' work on scorpions, I was ready to leave the state.
Everyone tells me it's no worse then getting bitten by a bee. This is supposed to make me feel better? No hospitalization is required unless of course, you have an allergy to them. I don't want to find out. I listened to every one's stories about the times they were bitten. I packed and was ready to go as soon as the signal was given by the husband. Give me the heat and humidity of home. Arizona, you can keep the scorpions.

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