Saturday, June 19, 2010

Darco 58.95

I received my bill from the surgeon yesterday and what the insurance company didn't pay was 728.00 which is what will be mine for payment. $345.00 of that total is for the night splint that the insurance company refuses to pay. I know the physician's assistant and I discussed this at the time he delivered that splint to me. He assured me that the doctor would write a letter to the insurance company and vouch for the fact that the splint was a part of the surgery. I waited.
The bill arrived and there it was. Refusal of payment for that splint. Today I went online and found the Darco Splint from Jansen Medical Supply for 58 dollars and change so I ordered one. Monday I will go to the doctor's office with payment in hand for that bill minus 345.00 for the splint charges. I will tell the office personnel that I'm paying this bill in full and I will deliver to them a night splint to replace the one I used from their office. I don't foresee any problem with doing this. We shall see what they think about it. I could understand a mark up on a product held in stock at the doctor's office but to go from 58.00 to 345.00 just steams me. Thankfully I didn't get the walking boot from his office. That would have been an additional 500.00 and I didn't wear it anyway.
I have the green beans cooking with chunks of bacon over them for flavoring. The husband is washing his truck and firing up the pit for the steaks. I have hidden out in the house all day. The heat ya know.
Nuff said.


  1. Green beans with bacon chunks is a food of the gods! Thinking about it makes my mouth water.

  2. Scalloped potatoes, fresh green beans, steak and salad..........and it WAS yummy!


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