Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wheelies and Wheels

I don't have a whole lot of time because I'm looking right into 10PM and today has been one of those days where lolling around has been absent. Ted was supposed to wash my car and clean the interior. It's a deal we had. I'm trying to teach him to take some initiative so when we agree on something, I don't hound him to do it. I expect him to do it without me reminding him or standing over him while he does it.

At 2PM he is in the bedroom while I'm on the sofa reclining, eyes shut and pretending sleep. I waited for a while but Ted didn't show. I got up and got all the cleaning supplies and started washing my car. About the time I was into cleaning the windows my cell phone rings and it's Ted wanting to know where I was. "Washing my car" I said. "Well, Nana, I WAS going to do it", he says and to that I said "When?" He came outside and finished up the windows and since he had promised me a car wash and I missed out on that, I told him we would go get his mother's Jeep and he could clean that one and that's exactly what we did. He really should have cleaned my car as it was a lot less dirty and therefore easier and faster to clean.
A few hours later we finish up with the car chores and returned the Jeep back to it's house and reclaimed my car and headed to Peggy's house. Steaks and sausage were on the grill and rice dressing was simmering on the stove. I was more interested in picking up that wheelchair and crutches for my upcoming surgery.
I feel as though I have been on the go all day and right now all I'm interested in is a hot shower and some sofa time. Ted is doing wheelies in the wheelchair and racing up and down the hall way and through doorways. I might have to take some lessons from him on wheelchair maneuvers before it becomes a necessity for me.
I'm tired and I'm done for today.

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