Saturday, February 27, 2010

Winter again

As the snow slams the regions to the north and east, we get to feel the blast of chilled air here in the deep south. This has been the longest coldest winter I can remember here. Usually we have a couple days of cold then weeks and weeks of mild weather then another few days of cold weather. The rains came through last night and pulled the cold air in behind it. I suppose that rain translates to snow up north. The natives here are downright testy. I can't believe what a bad attitude these cold days have produced. Everyone is complaining and gritting their teeth and hanging on for summer to arrive. Not me. I hate the heat. I can put on pants, sweater and socks and survive quite well, thank you very much. I do not look forward to the summer months arriving.

Today the daughter is putting new flooring in and I'm more excited about this then she. I'm in charge of watching. I think I'll wait till it's done before I appear just in case patience wears thin and forced niceness is in play there.

I continue to clean and polish everything in sight and have already been at it again this morning. I hate the thought of not being able to do anything for the next two months after the surgery. I discovered something though.If I take two Aleve at bedtime, I can get out of bed easier in the morning because the Aleve is on board and doing it's thing. It will start to wear off later this evening and I'll take two more before bedtime. Aleve can only be used 10 days consecutively and then I switch to ibuprofen for a few days then back to the Aleve. I surely hope this surgery does the trick although reading about this procedure makes me a little leery of it being a cure all. It's a wait and see thing.

I'm outta here to go look at televisions. An LCD or a LED? I don't know which one I should be looking at but I would like one that lasts longer then 3 years! That's how long that massive Samsung lasted and it was supposed to be THE brand to buy. I just wish they still sold the old bulky ones. It appears that the new ones are not lasting more the 4 years unless you get really lucky.

We live in a disposable world. I grew up in a time when you made things last or fixed what broke. Today you pitch it and buy new. Too expensive to repair.

Maybe I won't go looking for a TV. I feel the mood sliding away.

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