Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chick Moments

Sometimes enjoyable times just leap up and smack ya right in the face. A meeting that stretches the brain and exercises the brain cells in a pleasant way is always welcome. I stopped by Pat's house yesterday and while there got to meet her granddaughter that I had heard so much about. Pat maintains a close relationship with her 26 yr. old granddaughter. Granddaughter is a senior at the university here and will be graduating in December. She plans on entering a master's program as soon as she graduates and then maybe continuing on for her doctorate's.
It was one of those visits where the conversation was dynamic and filled with opinions and views and conversations ensued that flitted from subject to subject spurred on by each person presents contribution. Disagreements were gentle at times and at times not so gentle. Sometimes I was in the middle and other times I floated to the edge and listened. It was much like a visual of being in a pond with waves that easily moved you from the center of the pond to the edge and then pulled you back in again.

Before making the above connection, I had spent a couple hours in a movie theatre for a matinee. I watched Dear John with the lead being played by Channing Tatum. I think that's his last name or at least close. For an actor I suppose being wrong on his last name would be considered a disaster. I really should go look that up if I cared but I don't. I can easily predict that this young actor will be well known and a big movie draw in the near future. I'm trying to see as many movies as possible right now before the Oscar's. It's more fun to watch the Oscar's if you've seen some of the movies that have been nominated.
Sometime later in the morning:
I surfed for a list of the nominees for 2010 and found that some of the movies are on DVD rental at blockbuster. I'm late! For one that has never been a movie watcher or a theatre visitor, I've broken all records this year and it's only February!
The husband just came in from his job and will only be home for a few hours before he has to go back. He came in limping and hunched over. His back is bothering him and he usually has no problems in that area but he strained it picking something up at the job. A hot bath, Icy Hot rub and two Lortabs and he is tucked into bed for a while. The Lortab should help him relax and sleep and that's the best remedy for his situation.
It's time to dig all the stuff out of the car; blankets, shoes (Carrie's stuff) and do a little housekeeping in there. That won't take long and since it's cold outside, the remainder of my day will be spent NOT doing anything else out there.
I'm gone for a while. I'm done.

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